Software House

JLJ Software House develops websites, end-to-end ERP systems, dashboards for data analysis and custom software solutions to solve real-world problems. Our team of developers follow agile methodology and scrum to enhance team productivity and deliver quality software in a timely manner.
Our development team shares a common mission - to develop quality software that is delivered:

  • On time
  • Within budget
  • Meeting current business requirements
  • scalable to future needs
  • I-enabled
Quality Software

Software Development

We deal in the following technology-based projects:

  • .Net Windows-based Applications
  • Java-based Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • VBA & Excel Dashboards
  • Graphic designing
  • Python-Scrapy Web Scraping
Software Applications

Web Development

JLJ Software House specializes in responsive website development for corporates, small and medium businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals who want their own personal website.
We deal in the following technology-based projects:

  • .Net Web-based Applications
  • Responsive Website Development using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Bootstrap
  • Wordpress Website Development
  • Web Hosting & Maintenance
  • E-commerce Website Development in Python-Django web framework
Web Applications

Development Approach

Software development at JLJ is carried out keeping the end-user at priority. Study of current system, identification of loopholes, design and prototyping of system by experts, coding, testing and quality assurance, documentation, training and implementation along with back-up manual systems.

Development Approach

Client List For JLJ Software House

JLJ Software house has a diverse domain experience in the many sectors ranging from banking, electronics, steel, government departments, sugar mills, defence, schools, hotels, hospitals, electricity department, PWD B&R, PWD Health & Welfare, finance, manufacturing, garment exporters, traders, manpower exporters, handicraft exporters to automobile dealerships.

  • Material Requirement Planning Bill of Material, Component Planning Purchase, Inspection, Component Stores Material Accounting & MIS, Quality Control, Finished Goods
  • Inventory Control
  • Invoicing and Sales
  • Export Documentation
  • Library Management System
  • Integrated System of: Financial Accounting, Raw Material Inventory Control, Finished Goods Inventory, Invoicing
  • Development of Web Sites
  • Fee Management for Schools
  • Plot Allotment System of HUDA
  • Exporter Inventory
  • Student Management System for Schools
  • E-mailing System
  • Excel Dashboards for Data Analytics

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